Cats sleeping under cars.

    With winter now well upon us, car owners are being asked, before they get behind the wheel, to lookout for a cat sheltering under their vehicle.

    Cats love to hide under cars and vans as they feel protected against cold winds and biting frosts…they also gain warmth from the engine if the vehicle has recently been running.

    Drivers are asked to check around the tyres and under their car and if they find a cat to give it a nudge or shoo it away before turning on the engine.. also, to drive slowly...just in case.

    Cats don’t just target their owner’s vehicles to keep warm…any vehicle is fair game to them and accidentally harming a neighbour’s cat could damage your relations with the neighbour.

    Please each morning before setting off, take a few minutes to make sure there isn’t a cat resting under your car … then all should be well for both the cat and you .. the driver.

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