Community News – Rats

    A rapid increase in the rat population has been identified during the lockdown.

    With shops, offices, and other workplaces closed due to Covid restrictions, rats are said to be on the rampage, establishing nests in domestic and commercial properties for warmth and food. Experts say that during the pandemic rodent numbers have increased beyond anything seen before. 

    Rats are canny creatures and can navigate through very small spaces. Once settled, their ability to reproduce is remarkable. 

    However there are measures that can be taken to minimise any infestation:

    • With food waste  make sure unwanted food stuff is put in a secure bin, preferably a metal bin with a sealed lid.
    • Check around buildings for gaps in bricks and mortar and seal them up.
    • Check moveable ceiling tiles, office ceilings are a favourite for nesting for rodents.
    • Block off spaces in gardens, under sheds and decking.
    • Keep a close eye on the amount of food put out for birds to avoid rats becoming unwanted guests at the bird table.
    • Declutter inside and out, the more clutter, the more places for rats to hide and nest.

    Above all else, tackle signs of an infestation early on. 


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